Full moon spells

by on July 2, 2012

Full moon spells – Learn more about it


Moon has always played a significant role in the realm of magic. It has had a dominating presence in almost all magical rituals that are performed. Moon is considered to be a great influencer in these situations. Most of the spells are cast on different phases of the moon for varied reasons. Spells which are cast on full moon nights have greater effects in comparison to those which are cast on other days. In fact performing a spell in full moon night increases the potency of the ritual that has been performed.


For all you folks who are here looking for full moon spells can bring your dreams to reality by just following these instructions carefully. To start with you would need to choose day which is a full moon night and then carry on with the steps which are instructed below. You would need to move to a place where you would not be disturbed and then stand facing the moon.


Keep your hand close to your heart and chant the following words

“As you have said that asking you give, Here I ask you to give me (state your wish here), use all your powers to get it for me, I beseech this to you”.

Visualize what you have in mind and say your wish aloud so that the powers if universe hears your need. Once you have said it aloud and asked Moon to grant your need, you can now turn back and go to your room. It is advisable that you do not speak about the same to anyone till your wish has been granted.

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